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Why should I buy a pre-owned Rolex?

A Rolex is one of the finest watches in the world; it normally lasts a lifetime with minimal service. Like many upscale items, a Rolex watch will depreciate in value immediately after it is purchased. By purchasing a pre-owned Rolex, you can avoid this initial depreciation. Our refurbishing service makes it difficult to tell the difference between a pre-owned watch and a brand-new Rolex.

How do I know that it really is a Rolex?

Every pre-owned Rolex is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, polished and serviced by our in-house watchmakers. Rolexes are like fine automobiles mechanics can easily see if nonstandard parts are used in automobiles. The same is true with Rolexes. Rolex replicas usually look and feel different. Plus, they usually don't have serial numbers.

Are you a registered Rolex dealer?

No, we aren't. The Rolex warranty does not apply on your pre-owned Rolex.

How do I know you are a reputable dealer?

We can supply you with references upon request.

Where do you get your watches?

We get all of our watches through a network of dealers that we have established over many years. We would not be able to supply you with a steady source without this network. When you call or e-mail us inquiring about a watch, occasionally we will have to check with our network about availability. Many customer requests have been for rare items. Please be patient. We only deal with reputable people.

What is the condition of the pre-owned watch?

We only sell watches that are in excellent condition. All the watches are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, professionally polished, maintained, and should offer you very many years of service. "Excellent" means the watch doesn't easily show visible scratches. You may notice some slight stretch between the links on the band if compared to a brand new watch.

What is your return policy on pre-owned Rolex Watches?

We rarely get returns, but if the watch is not what you wanted, we request that you return it within 7 days. We are offering excellent values on watches that are in very good condition. We want to ship you a Rolex that you'll want to keep forever.

Do Rolexes hold their value?

Pre-owned Rolexes do. While new Rolex watches immediately depreciate upon purchase, pre-owned Rolexes greatly hold their value. Many of them are worth more than they cost originally!

Can I customize my watch?

Absolutely! Customizing Rolexes is normal and happens to be our speciality! We can change the face color, bezel, band, and case with genuine Rolex parts. Diamonds and precious stones are usually added domestically, and many people choose to do this after-market. All of our diamonds are added domestically. We discourage nonstandard modifications.

Should I upgrade my watch?

If you purchased your Rolex from us, you may upgrade it if you like. However, we recommend that you expand your collection by keeping your initial purchase and adding diversity. Most of our customers are purchasing additional Rolexes for their spouses or themselves.

Will I get the original papers with my pre-owned Rolex?

Usually not. The papers are often misplaced by the original owner. They are really only important the first year after you buy a new Rolex, because Rolex will warranty the watch that year. The important part is the condition of the watch, not the paper. But if you like, we can give you an appraisal with the purchase of your watch.

Do I get a box?

Yes. You will get a beautiful presentation box. The original Rolex box is usually not available anymore.

How long will it take me to get my Rolex?

Usually it takes about a week. Our inspection, maintenance and services take time. We only have a limited number of watchmakers to do these services. Please place your order to allow adequate time for holidays or special occasions. Thank you for your patience.

Where is the serial number on the Rolex?

The serial number is between the spring bar lugs, and the band must be removed to see that number. This should only be done by an experienced jeweler or watchmaker.

How old is the watch?

Rolex watches take years to make in the factory and production is planned many years in advance. The serial number gives a guideline as to when the watch was made, but it may not have been sold for several years after production. It is usually hard to say how old the watch is because Rolex has been making the same movements and models for years.

Can I find a pre-owned watch cheaper from a reputable dealer?

Price depends generally on the condition of the watch. This is most like the collectable coin industry. If you find it for less money, the condition may not be as good. Prices will vary from dealer to dealer. We want you to be satisfied. We stand behind our watches and handle them with utmost respect and care. We also care about our customers. Sometimes we have truly amazing deals; you should rush to buy them while they are available. We cannot guarantee the prices will stay the same.

Why don't you have the serial number and age on the site?

Our inventory is constantly changing. For example, we may have sold many Blue Datejusts since we took the picture of one on the site and made that page. It isn't possible to update all the pages all the time. When you need to know more, please call us at (732) 995-2070 to inquire about a specific watch.

I got my Rolex watch and it's not running or starting to run backwards!

We recently heard about this happening and our expert watchmakers say: "The Rolex is a perpetual movement and must be worn to wind the mechanism. You may manually wind it a little as per the instructions. Sometimes if the watch has no power in it and you start wearing it, it may start to run backwards for a few minutes. Then it will run forwards probably forever. This can be true with new watches too. You may have to wear a watch with no power a few minutes before it starts to run. Then you're off and running "

Why don't your pictures print well?

I want to show the picture to my relation and I want to know if they like it. The pictures are designed for monitor resolution which is much lower than your printer. We recommend showing them the image on the screen.

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