Rolex Type Overview

The Rolex President
features a band made of three rows of gold links, and includes day and date functions on the watch face.
The Lady’s Rolex President
shows the date but not the day. The Rolex crystal has a distinctive Cyclops magnifier over the date aperture. This watch is available in 18kt yellow gold, and on backorder in white gold and platinum.
Rolex Super President and the Lady’s Rolex Super President
These are similar to the "President," except that precious stones are applied to the dial, bezel and band. This work is done in the United States by skilled non-Rolex jewelers.
The Rolex Submariner
The Submariner is a sports watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The idea is to be able to time the amount of air left in your oxygen tank. Since the bezel will only rotate in one direction, it eliminates the possibility of overestimating the amount of oxygen left in your tank if you set the bezel correctly. The watch comes in all steel with a black face and bezel with and without date; in two tone 18kt and stainless steel with a blue bezel and dial, or a black bezel and dial. In addition there are some custom dials available in gold, silver, and mother of pearl. 18kt gold Submariners are sometimes available but very limited. This is a men's watch. The band is an "Oyster" style with three rows of large flat links.
Rolex GMT
This watch was designed as an aviator watch; a fourth hand keeps track of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is an international longitudinal time line used by aviators to refer to a constant time. The Rolex GMT comes in 18kt/ss two-tone with black or bronze bezel and insert on the bezel, and 18kt gold with rubies. Custom dials with precious stones are sometimes available. The traditional Rolex GMT was originally designed for Pan Am, as the heads of Pan Am and Rolex were friends. The traditional Rolex GMT has a black dial and a two-colored blue and red bezel. The Rolex GMT Master II has an independent setting for the hour hand, and is available in steel with various bezel insert color combinations and dials.
Rolex Datejust for men or the Lady’s Rolex Datejust
Considered a "city-sport" watch, great for both casual and formal wear. The band style of this watch has five columns of links, and was named "Jubilee" when Rolex introduced the item during their 50th anniversary. The Datejust features the date at the 3 o'clock mark on the watch face. Rolex makes this watch in two-tone gold and stainless steel. A steel version is available with an 18kt white gold bezel. A rare version of this watch is the Rolex Thunderbird, a steel Rolex Datejust with a rotating bezel. Rolex dials and bezels are available with and without diamonds.
Rolex Date
The Rolex Date is a 2mm smaller version of the Datejust. The band is usually Oyster style, and Jubilee is also available. The Rolex Date is available with and without diamond dials in 18kt gold, 14kt gold, two-tone, and steel.
Rolex Nondate
This watch is made both for Men and Ladies. The Rolex Nondate is a thinner watch than the other models because it doesn't have the date mechanism. It is available in steel and 18kt/ss. These “dateless” watches are usually less expensive than models with the date.
Rolex Oysterquartz
The Oysterquartz comes with a Rolex Swiss Quartz movement. The unique look is due to the incredibly strong integral band and case. The advantage of this watch is that it doesn't need to be worn to keep running. It is extremely accurate, and has a distinctively different look. The metals available are steel, two-tone, and gold. Very limited availability, this watch is considered rare.
Rolex Daytona
The Daytona was designed to time auto races. There is no date function. It has three separate crowns, and is available in 18kt/ss and all 18kt yellow gold. The all-steel Rolex Daytona is in extremely short supply.
Rolex Explorer II
The Explorer II has a fourth hand to keep track of a second time zone, and features a date function. The Rolex Explorer I has no date function, and is available in all steel with black or white dials.

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